Moving on


I don’t like it when my heart constricts

And my breathing shallows

As shards of glass form in my throat.

But I must know

If you are happy

Or if your death


is slow.



I have good news, bad news and news that need not be labelled.

This is how you want need it, so this is how I’ll break it to you:

The Bad News

Love sucks. Love hurts. Love will reduce you to shreds of your former self.

The Good News

You. Will. Get. Over. It


The News (that need not be labelled)

It is a long and painful process. But it is worthwhile. The heart will mend itself, if you allow it.

Healing…can never be sped up…can never be rushed. It’s a ‘PROCESS’ that has to be allowed to continue on its own, with no impatient interruptions. At the beginning time seems to stand still, fueled by thoughts of avoidance and denial, but recovery gradually increases as soon as we learn one thing: ‘ACCEPTANCE’. Just as the hand holds the needle and sews the heart, we should also learn to Trust the process, accept things for the way they are, and Believe that soon, those loose ends, will all come together.                                                   IG @leo_cor84






When words are but a trickle

of the forceful river upstream

dammed by thoughts

damned by the fear

of unleashing the raw power of uncensored emotions.

“I need you; your existence is the reason I start each day”

seeps out as a safe and unassuming “hey”.

“I hate you so much for ruining my life”

becomes a quiet but poisonous “bye”.