12 of My Favourite Childhood Cartoons

I tend to feel blogging inspiration more on Thursdays, often times in a specific throwback kinda way. So, yeah. This post is gonna take you waaay back!

NB. This list is totally random because I could never ever pick just one cartoon as my favourite!

Pych. It’s Wildfire.

1. Might Morphin Power Rangers

This cartoon taught me two things:

i) Running in the rain, as opposed to walking, will not prevent you from getting wet.

ii) It’s good to get home early when your school uniform for the next day is soaking wet, because you can put it to dry behind the refrigerator before your Mother gets home from work.

2. Action Man

I’m pretty sure this was how I learned the meaning of the words “diagnosis” and “amnesia”. And when I decided that I’d marry a white man.

3. G- Force

Very important lesson here: you have to be “trained” to fly. Umbrellas, towel capes and roof tops will not cut it.

4. V R Troopers

Technically not a cartoon, but come on. Real talking dog? Real flying car? Hells yeah.

5. Wildfire

Actually teacher, there ARE purple horses with red manes.

6. Dungeons and Dragons

To do list:

i) Be wary of roller coaster rides.

ii) Become an “acrobat!” (Isn’t his pronunciation just so perfect?)

7. Jace and the Wheeled Warriors

There’s a power that comes from deep inside of MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

8. Captain Planet

I mean, I know that the power is mine and all, but…..I’m still waiting for instructions on exactly how one becomes a Planeteer….

9. Defenders of the Earth

The intro is allll about you Mandrake!! But for reals, strength of TEN tigers? I still wanna get in on that.

10. Thunder Cats

Just a few questions:

i) Da hell kinda mummy is Mum Rah??

ii) Da hell kinda cat is the blue/gray dude??

11. Paw Paw Bears

I need to live in a world where tiny Native Indian bears ride tiny horses. Also, how did that bear on the totem pole NOT crush the turtle???

12. Yogi’s Treasure Hunt

Just like my childhood: Fun Fun Fun Fuuuuuuun Tastic!!


Leave your faves in the comments!


One thought on “12 of My Favourite Childhood Cartoons

  1. Oh yes girl!!!!!!!!! Captain Planet and Jace…I don’t know why I thought it was Jason…lol…As for Power Rangers….every girl wanted to be Pink Ranger….oh the days….

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