13 Confessions for 2013

This is a list of 13 things about me that very few people know. It’s also a list of things I feel like I must admit before 2013 ends.

1. I don’t know half my Facebook friends. Like, I genuinely have never seen them before and have no idea who they are. I just add them so that they can see my page, and by extension share it with people they know.

2. I over-think. Like, ridiculously A LOT. This means that I play out conversations I expect to have, in the way I expect them to happen. I do this for every situation, even simple ones like what I’ll say to the taxi driver when I’m nearing my stop: “stopping here” or “leave me here” or “Hillside Close stop” or “stopping at Hillside Close” or other variations of that phrase. Oftentimes, thinking up these things beforehand gives me a certain feeling of angst. It’s almost like a fight or flight situation. Except it isn’t. It’s me needing to stop a freakin’ taxi at where I live.

3. I experience mild to extreme levels of angst when I have to interact with persons I don’t know or would rather not interact with. This means that I hate when I’m waiting in line and the person in front of me makes a comment about how slow the cashier is and expects me to remark. Like I freakin’ care. I also hate when strangers look at me after telling a joke or saying something they thought was funny. To me it’s equivalent to them nudging me in the side and saying repeatedly, “Funny, huh? Huh? Huh? Huh?” Nope. Not funny. I guess that’s the real introvert part of me.

4. I die whenever I see a stupid comment on Facebook, whether it’s on a status update, photo, link, whatever the heck, that is mine or a friend’s. For example, someone posts a pic and someone comments LOL. Like, wth? What the hell is funny? It’s not a funny pic! The person is just sitting there! That really irks me. To the point that I’ll either delete the person (commentor or friend on whose pic comment is made) or block them from my news feed. Same applies to reaallly bad grammar mistakes

5. I sometimes sing an entire song off-key. Super fun. Husband hates it. Best friend loves it.

6. Sometimes I spend all day in my couch, watching series and eating snacks. I think the most I’ve ever watched in one sitting is probably about 15 episodes. That’s almost 15 hours. Ugh. I hate to think of it.

7. I do VERY silly things at times, simply because I can. See pic below.

Tried making a long distance call on a plantain. No dial tone.

Tried making a long distance call on a plantain. No dial tone.

8. I freak out if I feel any form liquid dripping/splashing on me, if I don’t know the source. It’s just freaking disgusting.

9. My husband says I behave like a cat. Sometimes I like to pretend I’m a cat.

10. I think its silly to brush one’s teeth upon waking, especially if one plans to eat breakfast. Like, doesn’t that defeat the purpose of brushing your teeth? So I brush after I eat.

11. I never read a book twice. Because I never forget what happens. I used to uphold this belief for movies as well (except Horton Hears a Who, because it’s my happy movie….oh, and The Lord of the Rings) but my husband is directly opposed to that belief so….yeah.

12. I feel the same angst when I have to reply to an email or a text and I can’t think of what exactly to say without sounding too brusque, or nonchalant or whatever. So I’ll put it off until “later”. Which means I usually never respond.

13. I Google every star of every film or series I watch. And by Google I mean Wikipedia. I then check out all the other films they’ve done, to see if they’re worth watching. Then I watch them, and the cycle goes on.


Ok, this isn’t a bonus; it’s just a thought I had today. I’m actually sad that Paul Walker died. And by sad, I mean I get a few goosebumps whenever I read an article about his death. And then I realize that this is so because he was such a good looking fellow! And then, I realize that this is such a fickle world, and that I’m probably just sad because he was so good looking. Because good looking people shouldn’t die, right? And then I wonder if I’m fickle too. I hope I’m not.


11 thoughts on “13 Confessions for 2013

  1. It’s so weird cuz we’re oddly alike but so strikingly different! LOL
    #1: Shame on you but since its a marketing strategy, you get a pass.
    #2: I soooooooo feel ya on that one! I find myself cussing myself out when an argument didn’t go exactly how I rehearsed and then I keep on thinking, ‘CRAP! I forgot to deliver that punchline!’ And worse…when I make a mistake verbally, I find myself repeating it..YES, OUT LOUD, to see if it really sounded as dumb as it sounded to me in my head
    #3: I already knew this! *accepts gold star* Teeheee…mi chat too much fi biz! But no lie…it can be annoying. I have an engineer that does the whole, “Dats y mi upset enuh” thing…like I’m supposed to ask him about it when mi really nuh care! LOL
    #4: Mi know dis!LOL *accepts another gold star*
    #5: *sighs* And there it is…the foolishness dat mek wi be bes’ fren! ROFL…whoiiii…..remember ‘Just a Friend’ or worse ‘Lilly of the Valley’..off and in ‘H’ #Dead
    Di res mi did know….but u know mi wi read and watch one supm ova and ova and have di same reaction every time.
    Power to Google. This actor, movie, series-search thing can be so annoying though. As u know by now…I have a billion bookmarked Wikipedia links and movie review links for movies I want to watch. I currently have 7 tabs open in my window for movies from 1997/98 that I wanted to watch this week! Alas, time has not yet permitted such luxury.

  2. #2…I also hate when I plan the conversation adn the other person says something taht wasn’t in my script -_-
    #5 lol lol…that one killed me cuz I could just see Jr face

    I think I enjoyed this article a little too much lol

  3. I never knew we had so much in common. Well, maybe its because I never actually got the chance to sit down and talk with you. #2 I tend to play out each event in my mind, to see how things will go. Sometimes this fails well most times. # 7 I really like to experiment and have fun. # 8 this is something I’m sure freaks me out every time. The other day I walked in a restroom, and this guy who was coming out was flashing his hand and some liquid flew on me *Instant washing down of my hand.* I could go on, but hey awesome article.

    • ^^ Intentional. But this was good.
      Personally, #3 was definitely and by far the most relateable. I think that there’s something about my face that SCREAMS, ‘PLEASE direct your attention towards me and seek a pity laugh at your corny joke, or unrelated opinions. I have a new theory to avoid eye contact and body facing to anyone that isn’t talking to me.

  4. Like #5 and #6 … same here for me on #11 with Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein the only exception, and only because I feel there are different lessons each time around and the language to me is just so darn good 🙂 I like your writing, two posts to make me a follower 😉

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