Not Another Life Post

5:45 am and I haven’t slept yet.

I actually wrote a whole different post a few hours ago, lamenting about my new life as a couch-potato, and all the things I think I should actually be doing with my life. Essentially, I was highlighting my laziness, lack of zeal, and my non-existent drive to get up and actually do something that will make my (or someone else’s) life worthwhile.

The post was quite witty, the perfect length, and best of all, brand new. I was actually looking forward to posting it later on today. I don’t think I’ll be posting it though. Anyhow, fast forward a couple minutes and a few more old-school tunes, I came upon this post on Thought Catalog.

I decided to check out the last video, as it seemed the most interesting to me. Also, I’d shared a script idea about suicide with my 2 pals earlier on in the night so I thought it fitting to watch it, as I could use it for research. See video below.

And you NEED to watch it. These 2 minutes and 22 seconds are worth it.

I spent the next hour and a half in awe, heart pounding madly, as I watched the most intriguingly mind-numbing thing I’ve ever seen. If you have the time, I urge you to check it out also. See video below.

CAUTION: Sappy people will exude LOTS of sap while watching. Non-sappy people will develop sap.

After watching this video, I now have a brand new appreciation for life-not just for mine but for human life in general. I also felt that I needed to jump on a plane to San Francisco straightaway, just so I could walk that bridge all day telling people that God loves them, that somebody loves them and that there is a purpose for them in life. But, because I’m soo busy these days and my schedule absolutely will not allow, I’ll just have to do that here, in this way.

Everybody has a purpose in this life. God loves everybody. He has a plan for everybody. Every living person that knows and believes this has the right to ensure that everyone else also believes this.

We don’t know who needs encouragement and reassurance, or even just a smile. So why not just give of them freely, to everyone, all the time?


One thought on “Not Another Life Post

  1. This was soooooooooooo….I can’t even think of an adjective yet. Thankfully, I didn’t cry..CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT??!!!!! OMG!!!! This also shows the importance of friendship too…and positive friendship at that. In many of the stories told, friends & fam either dismissed or unknowingly encouraged the behaviour. Bwoy…it rough out deh…but like you said, God does have a purpose for our lives!

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