The (Morant) Blues – Chest of Drawers DIY

This morning I heard one of the kids downstairs ask his parent if he could go next door to his friend’s house to watch Hannah Montana. I shook my head, hoping for their sakes that they’d never see what “Hannah Montana” has turned out be. And of course that they’d never ever EVER see Miley Cyrus’ performance at the VMA’s. Speaking of which, I came across an interesting article about said performance today. Whether you’re one who believes that things don’t just happen for happening’s sake OR  you’re a Professional Skeptic, it makes an interesting read.

Anyhow, that’s not what this post is about.

Remember that dresser I mentioned at the end of my last post? Well, it’s actually a “chest of drawers”. And this is what it used to look like:

chest of drawers BEFORE

chest of drawers BEFORE

After finally getting a chance to sandpaper and paint it (thanks for holding up rain!), this is what it looks like now:

chest of drawers AFTER

chest of drawers AFTER

Ok, so the drawers didn’t magically appear…I just forgot to take a BEFORE  pic with them in.

In any case, allow me to regale you with the awesome epic of how this Morant Blue majesty came into being.


I bought loads of sandpaper, a paintbrush, and a whole gallon of paint. I used like, less than a quarter of it. Probably one sixth, if that’s a suitable fraction.


I sandpapered until I thought my arms would fall off. By this time I’d already thought of calling it quits five times before. The intermittent afternoon rain was not helping either. It was the dustiest Wednesday of my life.


I awoke this morning, had breakfast and went right into the painting. I applied three terrible coats (my painting skills are whack!) and in the process splattered blue paint all over my veranda, my hands, my feet and anything else that was in the way. While cleaning up the mess and waiting for the chest and its drawers to dry, a sudden wave of panic washed over me as I wondered about the outcome. Will it look good? Will I like it? Will it be worth the effort? I then began to wonder if expecting mothers have similar thoughts before delivering their child. I know I totally will.

All in all, my really half-assed sandpapering, together with my painting skills of -3 (on scale of 1-10) produced something beautiful, worthwhile, that I totally love!

I may or may not (probably not) attempt to re-upholster my sofas. Don’t hold your collective breath on that post though 🙂



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