DIY Success – CD Upcycle

So you’re at home, bored to damnation, the husband is out Plasti Dipping the car in a colour you don’t like, nothing is on TV and Facebook is pretty lame at the moment. What do you do?

Answer: Turn an old Styrofoam lamp holder-thingy into a glam and glitzy container for your center table.

Drab to Fab!!

Drab to Fab!!

The truth is, before it was so awesomely embellished it was just sitting there on our center table (all white and styrofoamy) holding all the random things that come out of our pockets at the end of the day. Honestly, I didn’t mind it too much but my husband declared that he hated it. So of course I turned to Pinterest for a solution. Five minutes later I decided on old CDs because luckily I had just recently gathered a zillion of them from my husband’s office.

What you’ll need

The materials you need will vary, depending on what you want to glue CD pieces to. These were the things I used:

Styrofoam container
Old CDs
Glue (I used a glue gun, but based on what you’re gluing you can choose accordingly)
Permanent Marker

How I did it

I think the procedure is preetty obvious, but let me go ahead and outline the steps:

1. Colour styrofoam black with permanent marker
2. Cut old CDs into various shapes and sizes
3. Glue pieces to container
4. Marvel at my handiwork

It’s SUPER easy. You literally cannot mess it up.
It’s cheap.
It keeps you occupied as opposed to snacking.

It’s a bit tiring cutting the CDs.
The edges are a bit sharp, but not sharp enough to impale you.
The result is so awesome you’ll be gluing CDs onto everything.

Excellent Key/Miscellaneous Holder

Excellent Key/Miscellaneous Holder

I must admit, it looks pretty darned good. And I’m proud to have a successful DIY project to share with the world. WOOOHOOOO!!!

Next post will be that dresser I’ve actually started sanding. Yay me!


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