Abandon Ship!

Yes, I’ve jumped ship.

I just got up this morning and decided to relocate my blog (and all my posts!) to WordPress. I must say that I like it over here. Pretty sweet. Now, if only I could find some friends here?


Anyway, this is also a public request for my subscribers to just go ahead and fling their ropes over onto this ship….as I sail away into new horizons…

(no more ship metaphors, I promise)

Just to be clear, I’ve enjoyed my time at Blogger. I just feel that WordPress is more suited to my taste.

Shout out to my loyal shipmates!

That’d be Machel, Keneice, Alwayne, Alphonso, Shawna-Kay, Lafaine, Lawrie, Nadia….and anyone else who’s ever read my stuff.

Welcome to the NEW AGE!!!

(cue my preferred version of Radioactive)



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