For the Love of Words and All Things Imagined

Wow, one whole month since my last post. I can’t deny it; I’m a slacker.

I can tell you though, that in my absence, I have found yet another wonder of the world wide web: Wattpad.
It’s pretty much an online library where you can track the progress of books as they are being written by their authors, professional or non-professional and where aspiring authors can post their work. 
Admittedly, I signed up just for the reading of books, because my last electricity bill was obscenely high and I figured I’d have to cut down (or just completely cut out) my daytime TV. Goodbye Steve. Goodbye Ellen. Goodbye Family Feud. In order to fill that new, gaping three-hour void in my life, I decided that I would re-open my mind to the world of words. Also, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to strengthen my vocabulary because after finally reading The Great Gatsby (can’t wait to see the movie!) I realized that I needed to brush up…and also to buy a thesaurus.

Now, I’m currently suffering from a double book hangover. And yes, I did say double. The first book I read on wattpad was Paladin. It’s freaking awesome! And it was so cool to be interacting with the author while I read it. Amazeballs. Sadly, within a day and a half I was through reading (I’m quite a ravenous reader) and my love affair with the characters still continued. Foolishly, I tried to douse their memories from my mind by starting another book, The Amanda Project, that caused me to lose my mind for one whole hour, as I searched for part two which is not available online, or for any piracy torrent downloads! So naturally, the only sensible thing to do was to begin reading another book. Luckily for me, it’s not as good as the last two, so it’s kind of a way to curtail my previous hangovers. Kind of.
What I’ve been Watching….and Writing
So I’ve watched a few movies lately. All viewed from the comfort of my couch, before my prestigious 14″ HP screen. Here’s what I thought about em:
Life of Pi                            4 glorious stars
I loved this movie! It was really well written (it’s a book after all) and the directing was superb. I’m not much for visual effects but it was pretty damned good. Excellent through and through! Totally naming my next cat Richard Parker.

Safe Haven                        2.5 stars
It’s Nicholas Sparks, so of course it had the southern Notebook-esque charm. A pretty plain and predictable love story at most, that was completely destroyed by the weirdest plot twist.

Parker                                1 star
Jason Statham killed people and we saw J-Lo’s butt.

Parental Guidance            3 stars
I’ll admit that I didn’t expect to find it funny, but it actually was. A wholesome family movie that leaves you with something to think about.

Beautiful Creatures          3.5 stars
Another adaptation of a novel, this was a surprisingly good movie. Though I wish not to demean the story or the actors, some will find that it’s reminiscent of Twilight. The story is waay better though and that Ethan Wate is quite the charming Southern boy.

On the series scene, I finally decided to take 6 hours of my precious time to catch up on all the episodes of the new TV series , Hannibal. I’m hooked. It has all the characteristics of a perfect series, in my opinion:

1. A peculiar main actor
2. A spectacularly written script
Hmm, thought the list would have been longer, but yeah. 
That’s what makes an awesome series for me. I do believe it’ll make my list of Awesome Series, which only includes House, Monk and The Office.
It seems as if Hannibal is the spark that I needed to set my writing aflame. I mean, after watching the episodes I penned (on my laptop of course, coz who actually writes anymore?) four chapters in roughly three hours. That’s 6 pages. Single spaced. And just so you know, it would take me dayyyys and sometimes weeeeks to even write four pages…double spaced. So, this is a freaking milestone for me! I really want to share an excerpt but I just can’t decide what part to excerpt from! I’ll try to do that in the next blog post though.
Until then, stay cool, old sport.

^That’s supposed to be a Great Gatsby reference….


3 thoughts on “For the Love of Words and All Things Imagined

  1. 2 things…It was supposed to be three but for the life of me I can't remember what the 3rd was…(1) I am still going to watch Jason Statham kill people…not sure if I care too much about J-Lo's ass tho…:p(2)…..excerpts, excerpts!!!

  2. Again, I always enjoy reading your posts. Well sadly, I haven't read a book in AGES…even my bday gift you gave me. I told someone the other day that I want a vacation where the only thing that I would take is a box of books…seriously! I want to read again!! DAYUM!!!! Anywho…I have yet to read your sample….gonna see if I can do it tonight. I've been LOVING hannibal. Its so weird…..can't wait for the big reveal! I watched Parental Guidance too….u know how I am with sleep..enjoyed it but slept for portions of it. HURRY UP & FINISH THE BOOK!!!

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