Easter Schmeaster

I’m not big on Easter really. Back in the day it was fun because we’d go to camp for the weekend and that was pretty much it. Then, we stopped going to camp, because let’s face it, camp is pretty darned lame after age fifteen. Sooo, I guess for the past 8 years I’ve spent Easter doing nothing. I mean, I guess I used to watch the same ol’ inaccurate Jesus movies that my beloved CVM and TVJ would show every year. And, I guess I’d eat some bun and cheese too, as that is the national Easter dish in Jamaica. Though I’m not currently fond of the treat, I am always thrilled to see my favourite bun and cheese commercial, where the guy sends the bun to his girlfriend in Colorado and she goes:

“Maxfield Easter bun clear uppa yasso inna Calorado? But how come?”

Sadly, I didn’t see it this time around. And I can’t find the link on youtube.

Anyhow, I did find out the true meaning of Easter, thanks to Facebook.

This image had been circulating a lot so of course I read it and man was I edified. I mean, I always knew the Easter bunny was a fluke (like, how the heck is a rabbit related to Easter?) but it was my first time seeing the “facts”. Of course I promptly verified it on Wikipedia because we can never trust the internet.
But, enough about bunnies and bun and cheese.
This weekend I spent my time doing two things: eating junk food and watching movies.
I ate a whole giant bag of Lay’s, half a tub of vanilla ice cream, five ice pops, lots of cereal, yogurt, Doritos, and a host of other things. To stay on the healthy side though, I made sure to drink my pint of water each day. 
I saw quite a few movies over the weekend and I’m still considering whether or not I should become a movie critic. Here’s what I have to say of them:
Cloud Atlas
Probably the weirdest and somewhat most confusing movie I’ve ever seen in a while (this could have been due to the Russian captions-torrents for ya!) The picture was good though and the multiple characters that each actor played was….um, interesting to see. I give it 3.5 stars.
Silver Linings Playbook 
Good, in a “crazy people can find love too” kinda way, but I don’t see how Jennifer Lawrence won Best Actress for that role. I mean, she was just being herself. 3.5 stars
Beasts of the Southern Wild 
I could say that this was almost as weird as Cloud Atlas but I quite enjoyed the fantasy within. The star of this movie, Quvenzhane Wallis should’ve won Best Actress. She did an amazing job for a five year old. And she has a long ass name, so some recognition wouldn’t hurt! 4 stars
The Perks of Being a Wallflower 
That was some depressing sh*t. 1 depressing ass star
Finally, the most interesting part of my weekend was finding a new time-wasting site called Incredibox, thanks to Pinterest. I am a chronic pinner by the way. The site is amazeballs. Both sites actually.
Check out my first tune! Just go to Incredibox, search for Creepy Love (not sure why I can’t post the link directly here) and then like and share!
And until next time, good luck and good night!

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