Sunrises, Cows and Backpacks

The ONE day I decide to get up before dawn, specifically to see the sunrise, it’s cloudy as heck! Well played Mandeville, well played. And I mean, if anybody out there truly knows me, they’ll know that I’m a midday kind of gal….so this was truly a huge effort on my part. The film I’ve been working on is due for submission on Thursday, and seeing that it is entitled The Sun Rises, it would be good to at least have footage of a sunrise. Right? Well, we sure as heck aren’t getting up before dawn tomorrow so I see a name change coming.
In any case, we decided to not let the morning go to waste so we went over into some “nearby bushes” to get some nature shots, specifically of goats and/or cows. After trudging through the dewy morning grass and lush red dirt, we came upon, yeah you guessed it, an empty field! Please note that I shed no tears for not seeing any cows. They are, after all, my mortal enemies. Anyhow, we proceeded to get some nature shots (of the grass mostly) and shortly after, a lovely gentleman passed us by with his three goats, who were later the subject of our HD filming. Whoopeee.
On my way back home, I sat beside a little girl in the taxi. She wore a pink JanSport to match her pink school uniform. I gave the bag a once over, realized that it seemed pretty authentic and almost said out loud “You better prepare to have that backpack for a loooong time little girl. Well, if you were my kid anyway“. For the remaining three minutes of the ride I fondly remembered my school days and my exploits with a certain JanSport bag.
You see, my older brother got a JanSport bag for high school. It was army green, with tan leather at the bottom, which made it that more awesome than the regular ones. It had the the “authentic” zipper string-thingums, that I would later find are extremely valuable and should be tied tight enough to withstand theft. I was in awe of that bag. Fast forward a few years, my brother was leaving high school and I was just getting in. Of course I didn’t get a new JanSport and that same beloved JanSport was now being worn by my other older brother. Whomp whomp. I was distressed. 
But not for long, because the bag was getting rather worn (and there was an enormous ink stain on the leather part) so my brother decided it had done it’s time. Boy was he wrong. I wore that bag until it’s dying days. Though it may have been only for a few weeks, I was one of the “cool kids” just for wearing that old, green, severely pen-graffiti modified bag. And I was happy. I eventually got another one, but it wasn’t authentic, so I didn’t care much for it. Then I began to care about school a lot less so my backpacks were the very least.
And that was just my randomness for today!

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