What Really Grinds My Gears

I’m not the kind of person that gets annoyed easily…most of the times. So when something annoys me, it really grinds my gears! What I’m also not, is the person who posts these random pet peeves on Facebook, or onto the walls and under the photos/posts of the individuals that cause my gears to grind so terribly. I marvel at the immense level of restraint I show. With that said, please allow me to harp on the two most recent cases of my annoyance:

1. “Professional” photographers who upload blurry/out of focus shots 

I put professional in quotations because the term is quite relative, especially on Facebook. Let me also declare that I do not put myself in any higher esteem than anyone in the capacity of photographer. 
So, you tell me now, why on God’s green earth would you put out sub-par work? WHY?!? I mean, you own (or are in the process of starting) a business and your aim is to showcase your work so that you can attract potential clients. Right? So naturally, the best course of action would be to put forward samples of your best work. Right? Apparently, for some folks, I am dead wrong. 
I literally cringe when I see these crappy photos. I mean, what goes through your head when you upload that blurry-ass-possibly-Sasquatch-looking-photo? I don’t know. Then, I think to myself, maybe they didn’t intentionally upload those photos, because certainly no business person in their right mind would consciously put out bad products for consumers to view. But then, I think to myself again, why on earth would you just upload a bunch of photos without first going through them to ensure that they are at a certain standard that should reflect the quality of your work? WHY?!? Furthermore, let’s say these photos were “accidentally” uploaded, do you not see it fit to go through the uploaded album to ensure that what you’re putting out is good enough? 
I don’t know. I don’t freaking know man. But this crap grinds my goddamn gears!!!!
2. Professional entities that put out work with errors
Notice here that professional is not in quotations, because I am referring to the real money-making industries out there. Then again, there are some others that don’t fall into that category, but they are guilty of the same crime.
Just today, I was viewing an album on Facebook that was uploaded by FLOW Jamaica. I was appalled. I wouldn’t say that I’m a grammar Nazi but I tend to take those things seriously. The gross number of errors that I spotted, after just glancing over once, was unbelievable. The one that really got me though, was this incorrect spelling: Jamaiaca.

Even writing it here, it got the squiggly red line beneath that indicates a spelling error. So I really can’t see how that is excusable. In this instance, I didn’t even stop to think to myself of any circumstances that could forgive these shortcomings. Because to me, they’re just that: unforgivable shortcomings. But before you rush to crucify me and say that “everyone makes mistakes”, let me go ahead and agree. Yes, everyone makes mistakes, especially in this age where internet short-hand is the new normal. But, doesn’t every writing device or app have a spell-check option? As far as I know, yes. Even if I’m wrong, whatever happened to proofreading? Aren’t there still persons employed as Editors? 

My point is, if you claim to be a professional, the quality of your work should be at a certain standard. If you can’t hire a proofreader (I’m totally free to do that by the way), at least make it a point of duty to have your work viewed by another pair of eyes before putting it out. Is that too much to ask?


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