Why do YOU blog?

Welll, guess who’s lost the urge to blog? Anywho, as I read and re-read a draft of a post I’ve been working on for a while, I began to wonder why I really blogged anyway. Is it because I just want to write for the heck of it? Or is it because I want to share my thoughts with the world (my 5 followers and a few FB friends)? Or, is it because I want people to applaud me and say, “Wow, you write really well!” or “Great stuff you wrote in that blog there!”.
Even as I write I’m still trying to figure out which one it is, or if it’s a combination of all three. I mean, I know I write really well (didn’t get my BA in English with an emphasis in Writing as a gift!) and sometimes recognition would be awesome. But, that’s also the reason I’m writing short stories and screenplays, which are still works in progress. Granted, I could submit my work to the Gleaner and Observer and wherever else, but I just don’t think that’s anything awesome. I used to write poetry back in college-mostly because I had to for class-and sometimes I thought of getting them published….well, when someone asked me why I haven’t done that yet. Even now I ponder about publishing….for a whole 10 seconds until my mind wanders off.
As for sharing my thoughts, that would certainly be a trip if I decided to lay out my thoughts as they came. I might actually try that for a future post. But what I really mean about sharing my thoughts is that I’d give my opinion on stuff. Stuff that I care about, or don’t care about for that matter….stuff that’s trending…once in a blue moon, stuff that makes the news. Because I’m really not a follower of the news. I only read the Classifieds in the paper and I’ll watch news on TV if….well, if the TV got stuck on the channel. So much for that.
So, I guess I really blog for the heck of it. With a slight need to be applauded. I guess. I don’t know.
So why do YOU blog anyway? 

10 thoughts on “Why do YOU blog?

  1. I blog because once upon a time I tried applying for a job and one of the requirements was must have an online outlet through which you reach the public through writing/expression. From there it snowballed into because the people demand it. lolAt the end of the day everyone might not always want it but someone will read it and be glad they did. then you get that cool feeling knowing you enriched the life of someone possibly halfway across the world.

  2. I don't know really! When I was on internship, I used to write epistles about my day and people would enjoy em and suggest that I start a blog. The same applied to my bus & market tales. BUT, I never really started until man drama hit…and you know what they say –heartbroken people become philosphers. I started using it as a journal I guess. Thank God I deleted all of those! (Whew) Now I'm stuck in a job which saturates my mind with news and current affairs –and now and again I have an opinion or two which I need to get out. Also, being my random self, its nice every now and again to share my random thoughts with people. I really don't keep up with the stats. If one person reads I'm cool. So…now that I'm at the end, I guess I blog to share my thoughts cuz they are too long to post in a stat or type in a convo anyway. LOL

  3. I blog cause I'm a writer, it's what I do!Plus I have hopes of writing for a paper or two, and I'd love to refer them to my little spot. Some places actually have owning a blog as a job requirement. Plus I love to make people laugh and I like to share my opinions and hear the opinions of others. So therefore, I do it to entertain, educate, discover opinions, as a resume builder and an avenue to express myself!

  4. AAAAAAND (I tend to be longwinded at times :D)I actually use it to formulate Letters to the Editor as well, but I can be waaaay more expressive and say what I really want to before they edit the crap out of my original letter!

  5. Actually, now I remember why I started blogging..this year that is. I just figured it'd be something to do when I'm at home bored all day. I don't think I write for the edification or the enlightenment of the readers tho….unless it's a thought that crosses my mind. I doubt I'm gonna do any opinion based blogs anytime soon. I've been considering writing from a creative angle too…but sometimes I tend to over think it and then just can't bother. So I guess for now I just blog for the heck of it.

  6. All very interesting answers (and I was gasping with pleasure as any former teacher of writing would when she comes across a thread about her students discussing their feeling an overwhelming urge…nah…compulsion to WRITE, of all things) I say BRAVO!! You all know why I started my crazy little blog. I used to blog before about my art but then I just got a website and updated it that way, but this effort was mainly self-motivating. Because I have told all my facebook friend (and my one follower – thanks Banter!)that I want to accomplish these 31 things before I age another day and have to sound the gong that Wandeka Gayle is officially "in her 30s," I now feel some compulsion to accomplish every item on my list (or attempt it with all my might, at least), but yeah. I Love writing and have been writing since I was eight years old (even though then, I had a problem reading at my level…but that's a whole 'nother story). I am gonna get my PhD in Creative Writing in a few years…UGH… and then, I will really have to publish, publish, publish, so, I get practice writing funny confessional non-fiction now through this vehicle, even if just one person reads it because I exorcized something simply by writing it, like leaving an open letter on a slab of concrete pavement while the place is empty and having only the knowledge that ONE DAY someone may happen upon it, read it, smile and move on.

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