Waxing Philosophical

For those who may not have heard, Jamaica is, for lack of a better term, going down the drain due to the country’s insurmountable debt. Now I’m no political aficionado, but I’d just like to paint an image of what I think is happening to my once lovely little country.

Yeah. Image painted.
Just imagine Barack is Portia and the flag is Jamaican. I can’t comment on whether or not that’s what’s gonna happen to the US, but I can certainly say that this will be Jamaica’s fate unless one, or all of the following happens:
1. We get a new Captain who can miraculously turn the boat around.
2. The river freezes over.
Moving right along.
I have a Bachelor of Arts in English. I am almost 100% fluent in French. I speak a little Spanish too. I’m smart (didn’t make Honour Roll….wasn’t really trying anyway), I’m efficient and I’m quite productive, if I may say so myself. So why don’t I have a job? See paragraphs 1 and 2.
I never grew up around elderly folk but I’d always hear the saying “tek yuh han’ tun fashion”. And brethren, that is absolutely what I’ve been doing and what I encourage those in situations similar to mine to do. For those who don’t understand the saying, it means that you should use your talents or resources and make something that will be useful or beneficial to yourself and others. Of course some will say “I don’t have any talents” and “I’m not good at this or that” but notice I also said resources. Find something that people need (or sometimes want) and find a way to get it to them.
A friend of mine introduced me to black soap. I love it. I call it “The Healing of the Nation”. It’s so awesome I decided to tell some other friends about it. Turned out they love it too. As fate would have it, black soap isn’t that readily available here in Mandeville, and where it is available, it’s a rip off. So I decided that I would source the black soap and make it available for my friends (and all my future customers!) at a reasonable cost. So I guess you could say I’m a black soap retailer. 
I was lucky enough to be born to a mother who sews very well. It would have been a shame if it turned out I wasn’t cut from the same cloth (see what I did there? lol) but luckily enough, I was. Though I still can’t cut a piece of fabric that straight. In any case, I can help myself. I literally take my hands and make fashion. Mostly for myself, and sometimes for others. I wouldn’t say it’s a booming business, but it has the potential.
What else do I do? I write. I’m actually working on a series of short stories and a script for a short film. I’ll let y’all know how that goes. I’ve also recently taken up photography. It’s something I’ve always loved but I never really had the resources. Now that I do have the resources (a Canon 7D-love that camera!) I’ve pretty much taught myself, with the help of my dear husband, and the awesome communities over at Google+, I recently shot a wedding, all by myself! And thus grows our company: iKon-GFX!!
Just to be clear, all that was not to be boastful, but to illustrate that you’ve got to use your talents and resources to make your life better, especially when you live in a country that ain’t helping you out. I’ve also been very inspired by Kimroy Bailey, another young Jamaican who has decided to use his talents and resources to create a better life for himself, and eventually for Jamaica.
So to all of you who seem to be in a rut, stuck at home, blogging now and again because you have nothing to do, you hate your current job, you wish you had a job to hate, you want to make some money, you want to do what you love, take my advice: TEK YUH HAN TUN FASHION!!!


3 thoughts on “Waxing Philosophical

  1. AMEN! Great advice Shari. Completely agree wid u. I'm trying to embrace a similar philosophy. Often find myself saying, "but i don't know if I can…." "there's no way I can…." Time to throw those excuse out the window and DO with what I've been given – whether talents and/or resources.

  2. Shari, Shari, Shari, i love you my sister! This is such a nicely written post. Love the sarcasm, love the truth, love the analysis nd the advice! Tek yuh hand tun fashion yes!! Keep up the good work

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